What Makes a Good Health and Wellness Writer?

The word “health” was at one time affiliated with natural foods. You know, like the health store? Well now it’s used by big pharma. So if you tell someone that you’d like to hire a health writer, that can refer to one of two different skill sets.

If you run a small business website, you’re likely looking for natural health content. This is easier to find an affordable content writer for because your writer does not need to be trained in or adhere to specific healthcare-approved style guidelines.

If you’re in need of a healthcare or pharma writer, that’s a different story. These companies are legally bound to very specific means of communication. You can’t just go in writing healthcare copy all willy nilly. If you mess up the wording, someone could get sued.

Unfortunately, I actually cannot help you find a healthcare or pharmaceutical writer. But I do know my share of holistic health experts.

Your Freelance Health and Wellness Writer Should Be Able to Deliver the Following:

  • A thorough research job using credible sources, such as medical doctors and scientific studies that deliver evidence-based assertions.
  • Details that add credibility to the claims being made. Example: Don’t just say that lemons help you get over a cold. Explain that viruses don’t stand up to their natural acidity.
  • Quotes from legitimate sources to back up the claims made in the content.
  • Holistic health or natural healing articles, tips and social media posts that features strong writing, useful information, and are easy to read and understand.

Is it worth it to run a natural remedies or holistic health website? Absolutely. People often search for alternate cures for their ailments and maladies before heading to the doctor. The smartest doctors even offer holistic health related suggestions.

Your natural health audience will respond to up-to-date content covering any of the following topics and many more:

  • Nutritional value of foods
  • Importance of vitamins and supplements
  • Natural and non-toxic products especially cleaning and skin care
  • Benefits of essential oils
  • Natural remedies for stress relief such as massage, meditation and yoga
  • Tips on good nutrition and healthy meal ideas
  • Healing properties of herbs, spices, and aromatics
  • Benefits of juicing fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Whole foods and plant-based eating
  • Sugar detox articles
  • Home remedies of all kinds

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