Hi Dina, This is great! Thanks for getting options back to me so quickly. I’m planning to work on the design this weekend and this will be a huge help. Your copy is bringing a lot more excitement to the project which is exactly what I needed! I may check back with you on Monday or Tuesday for some fine tuning depending on how the design plays out. Hoping to call this project done by mid-week. Thank you! It’s fun working with you again!!  

– J. Lowell, Graphic Design Professional

Hey Dina,

Thank you! I’m VERY happy with the web copy. Looking forward to future projects with you. Have begun collecting email addresses EVERYWHERE! Thanks again!

Angela Betts


Just in case you didn’t know that or had not been told yet today – YOU ARE A FREAKIN’ ROCKSTAR.

I am truly overjoyed, speechless and in deepest gratitude to you for your amazing skill, speed and patience. I am so looking forward to working with you for a long time and referring clients to you.

You deserve all the best, deepest happiness and that is my wish for you.

Sending you thoughts of love and gratitude,

Kate Powers
Certified Personal Coach

Dear Dina,

I am writing to thank you for all the work you have done on behalf of my coaching practice.

You have proved to me time and again that your talent, expertise, and professionalism are exceptional. You have gone above and beyond the call and have set a soaring standard for the profession of copywriting.

In particular, there are two specific areas in which you are truly prominent and conspicuous. First, your focused proficiency not only shines through in the copy you’ve written, but also in the added value of your knowledge of branding, marketing, and Web presence. This is a significant contribution and an enormous value to clients like me, in terms of the integrated levels of service that you provide.

Second, not only are you able to straightforwardly articulate my thoughts and vision with relatively little ongoing direction from me, I am also profoundly impressed by your ability to bring yourself into my business and understand exactly what I strive, and need, to do.

Not only are you resourcefully intuitive in this capacity, your genuine and insightful interest in learning about my business really separates you from the rest. I particularly cherish your many suggestions for enhancements to my marketing strategies.

I truly look forward to working with you on future projects. Dina, if anyone has the faintest doubt about the value of your work, please tell them they can contact me personally.


David B. Bohl
Lifestyle Mentor • Educator • Author

I respect Dina’s integrity, thirst for knowledge, and true entrepreneurial spirit. Dina’s not afraid to ask questions, try new things, and find an answer when she doesn’t have one at her fingertips. My own ideas take on new energy when infused with Dina’s copywriting skills, sense of humor, and marketing experience.

I unconditionally trust Dina’s intuition when it comes to copywriting and internet marketing and I have learned so much from her and with her.”

– Ann Zuccardy, CEO, AZ Communications

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Dina during her years as a Sr. Copywriter at Toys”R”Us. Dina is the kind of talented copywriter that every designer loves to work with. Her innate ability to understand objectives and immerse herself in a project allow her to consistently deliver on-target, effective copy solutions. Her wit, broad thinking and energy add that extra little something that changes good to great. Dina’s drive to broaden her knowledge and stay on top of current trends make her a instant candidate for any new challenge. I strongly recommend Dina to collaborate with you on your next big project!”

– B. Hawkins, Creative Director, Toys”R”Us

“I have worked with Dina for over 6 years at Toys”R”Us Corporate while handling production duties for the Babies”R”Us marketing group. We collaborated on many different projects together and it was always a pleasure to work with her.

Dina always maintained a very positive and friendly attitude towards everyone in the Copy and Marketing departments, and her work was always spot on in conveying the needed information and message to fit the advertisements and catalogs we produced. She always handled any task we undertook with high energy and professionalism and always demonstrated a strong work ethic and firm dedication as part of the marketing team.

I would highly recommend Dina to any company that is interested in hiring her without a moment’s hesitation.”

– K. Karl, Sr. Production Assistant, Babies”R”Us

“I have worked on countless projects for a period of over 3 years where Dina did the copywriting and proofreading. She is fast, accurate, and she is especially gifted even when it comes to writing something from scratch or with little information about the product/subject.”

– C. Ramos, Assistant Manager, Packaging, Babies”R”Us”

“Dina was a great asset to Toys”R”Us, successfully managing numerous projects involving in store, and external, marketing communication in a small team with very tight deadlines. She was very creative and a pleasure to work with.”

– C. Christofi, Creative Manager, Babies”R”Us, Toys”R’Us

“It is my privilege to write a recommendation of Dina Giolitto. We worked on numerous projects, together. Not only is Dina an extremely talented copywriter but she is truly a pleasure to work with. She is a dedicated and hard working writer who met every challenge with creativity and exuberance. I highly recommend Dina with the knowledge that her talent paired with her work ethic is an asset to anyone who is fortunate enough to hire her.”

– E. Belac, Art Director, Toys”R”Us