The more info I get up front, the faster and more thoroughly I can write on your behalf. If you need a copywriting quote, send me the following:

  • Your contact info, including:
    Your name
    Company name
    Website URL
    Facebook business page link, if you have one
    Email address
  • Brief summary of the target audience
  • Type of project you need written or edited
    (Examples: 5 static website pages, 5 web articles, company brochure, email newsletter, tagline brainstorm, online sales letter, autoresponder email series, ebook, postcard campaign, other)
  • One draft only, or do you want multiple reviews and revisions? (A single draft saves you money, but after that you’re on your own)
  • Date when you need this completed by

Email the above to

I will respond within 24-48 hours, with a project questionnaire for you to respond to in detail. Once you fill that out, we are on our way to working together!