February 29, 2024

Ebook or Workbook Writing Services, Digital Product Creation

Looking to write an ebook but you’re not sure where to begin? Rest easy. This is my specialty. I’ve been speed-writing ebook content almost exclusively since 2016. Before that I also wrote ebook content, but much slower than I do now.

Clearly this is not me. It’s a random stock photo guy.

There’s never been a higher demand for ebooks and related digital products. Even if you’re going all the way with a complete course launch, you STILL need ebook content to create that course. The ebook will be the backbone of the entire project.

Your FIRST order of business will be to select a problem that you’d like to help people solve by way of your ebook.

  • The problem can be a specific, common issue that they’re facing and need support around, like how to cure acne, how to end a bad relationship, how to increase fertility naturally.
  • The problem can also be more general – such as how to pull yourself out of a funk, how to reduce stress, how to improve their quality of sleep.
  • The problem can be positioned as a goal. They want to learn something specific, like how to potty train their puppy in 7 days or less, how to set up a small business website, how to do a sugar detox, how to navigate career change.

How will you monetize your ebook?

  • Upload to your chosen digital selling platform and market it by publishing related content on your blog and social media accounts, in your email newsletter and more, where you share the link to your ebook sales page.
  • Offer a shorter ebook as an incentive for people to sign up for your list. You can put together a short ebook in less than a week!
  • Upsell your readers from their ebook purchase to a more comprehensive course that also includes journaling exercises, quizzes, infographics, video tutorials, slide shows, take-home assignments and other elements.
  • Launch an affiliate program and invite other experts in your niche to promote your ebook.
  • Run seasonal sales and month-long events focusing on the topic of your ebook.

My approach for tackling your ebook project will be very straightforward.

  • First, I’ll need to know the client or customer’s problem that you plan on solving by writing this ebook.
  • Next, we’ll outline the main chapters or topics to discuss in the ebook.
  • Then comes a list of articles to cover in each chapter. That’s when the real writing begins.
  • After I submit the draft, you’ll get the opportunity to review and make comments/offer suggestions.

My ebook writing production rate is about 7K words in about a week, for your initial draft. Edits will take longer, depending on how many rounds of changes you’d like to make.

NOTE: You can save yourself some bank by electing to hire me for ONLY one draft, that you run with and handle editing and formatting on your own or with your team.

Contact me for a quote.

Include basic details about your ebook project such as your business name, the niche audience, topic, any articles you specifically want to include, turnaround time and any other pertinent info.