Hi. I’m Dina. My affinity for writing ad copy officially began at age nine, when I picked up a Hammacher-Schlemmer catalog and proceeded to edit the product copy “for fun.”

I’ve written just about every type of advertising and marketing copy there is. I spent 7 years writing copy full-time for a Fortune 500 company. I temped at a few pharma ad agencies. Starting in 2003, I have served many, many freelance copywriting clients across myriad industries.

I also speed-write web content (niche articles). I sell the content as a monthly membership, to people who need lots of content for their blogs, websites, courses and ebooks.

I’ve done so much persuasive writing over the years that I am immune to the psychology behind it.

But just because my BS meter idles high doesn’t mean I don’t still love writing for my clients. I’m all about getting behind your cause and finding that hook that gets people all riled up and ready to buy (or sign up, or attend, or whatever you want them to do). 

I keep thinking that maybe there’s something else I should be doing besides writing. But I haven’t found it yet!

I was once interviewed for an article about “webpreneurs” which appeared in Craftrends Magazine. Crazy, right? Yes, I’ve been doing this online thing for a while now. 🙂

What else? I’m what you call “other people oriented” – which I think makes me the perfect person to write for you.

If you tell me what you’re up to, I’ll get excited about it and want to shout about you to the world! And that’s really why I’m good at what I do… because I do it for you.

So there you go. I’m your writer. Hire me.