Email Newsletter Management

An email newsletter is an excellent way to help your future customers warm up to what you offer.

In 2020, the global e-mail marketing market was valued at 7.5 billion U.S. dollars, projected to reach 17.9 billion by 2027. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for that period is expected to amount to 13.3 percent. (Source: Statistica)

How do email newsletters work to grow your profits?

When people sign up for your emails, they typically do so after discovering advice you published online and deciding they’d like to hear more.

Each time you show up in their inbox with a new nugget of wisdom, you’re giving readers a chance to get to know you slowly and warm up to you as a niche expert.

Over time, newsletter subscribers become followers, then fans, then maybe even buyers.

How to attract newsletter subscribers:

Sign up for an email newsletter service like Aweber, that has selling features built in.

Publish fresh, niche-relevant blog posts each month that drive new visitors to your site.

Configure a pop-over form that nudges news signups along as people find and read your content.

Go next level with list building. Entice new signups to your list by way of an opt-in freebie.

What should your email newsletter consist of?

You can keep your newsletter simple, and just share a single article with each issue.

Or, include several elements or more than one article (best if you publish less frequently, as in a seasonal quarterly newsletter).

Always include a limited time offer with your newsletter.

The limited time offer will be the incentive that drives action to convert customers.

It could be a discount on your services. It could be a coaching or teaching bundle. It could be a coupon for your digital product, like an ebook.

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