June 3, 2023

Stand Out. Make a Splash. Copywriting Services to Grow Your Profits.

Searching for expert copywriting support to advertise your client services, help with online course creation, develop teaching programs, create coaching packages, and generate profit via ebook or other digital product sales?

I’m Dina and I’ve written copy for clients and employers since 1996. I adore my work and will jump into your projects with as much love as if they were my own.

You want interest, engagement, action and response. You want people to sign up, make that call, click the BUY button. I’ll help you get them there.

Copywriting, Newsletter Management, Website Creation, Article Writing. What do you need? I’m here for you.

I offer general writing support for your website content, social media and print marketing projects.

Here’s what I’ll handle for you, including writing, editing, and much of the tech aspects as well:

  • Developing your brand – including your company mission and values, company bio and tagline
  • Creating a business website and social media profiles that put you on the map
  • Writing or editing highly targeted blog content, articles and company press releases that get you found
  • Managing your email newsletter to bring you new sales each time you send out a mailing to your list
  • Developing your print marketing – company brochure, seasonal postcard campaigns, direct mail sales letters and more
  • Creating teachable courses and info products (like sellable ebooks)- to secure you some additional, passive income streams

Wondering if I’ll be a good match for your work style?

I work from home! Writing jobs big and small, I do them all. NO contract needed! I’ll jump right in for your next project. Then I’ll disappear, until the next time you need me. Reach me online any time.

Let’s get started on our first small project together. Contact me for a copywriting or marketing quote today.