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Web Copywriting Checklist: Empower Your Pages

Next time you write web copy, run it through this quick checklist to be sure you’re hitting all the marketing must-haves and getting your message across:

1. Purpose: what is the action you’d like your reader to take upon reading the sales copy?

2. Headline effectiveness: do your lead-ins snap the reader to attention and prompt him to continue reading?

3. Tone: do you incorporate language and colloquialisms that your target customer can relate to?

4. Message: can you make your point in a clear, succinct and compelling way?

5. Persuasiveness: do you give a strong argument in favor of choosing your product over the competition?

6. AIDA method: does your copy hit the four hot points: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action?

7. Intangible benefits: is yours an emotional sell (very different from simply listing the features)?

8. Calls to action: do you give the order at key points on your sales page?

9. Linking strategy: Are you losing customers with the wrong types of links?

10. Testimonials: does each of your testimonials hit upon an important benefit?

There may be other elements of your sales letter which can potentially stand between you and your sales conversions. It can be something as simple as too much white space at the top of the page… a logo that doesn’t look professional, things of that nature.

Even though I’m technically a writer, I take a holistic view of the marketing piece before me.

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