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Web Article or Web Content Writing Service

You need articles to be found! Why? The more niche-specific content you publish, the more you drive traffic from search engines. The more you build a case for your expertise, the more you’re likely to get and keep customers.

Let’s say you run a farmer’s market. To drive traffic to your local website, post articles on your website that cover topics like Why Go Organic, What’s a CSA, How to Save on Local, Seasonal Produce, Canning Tips, Guide to Apples, and other topics people might want to know.

Add a compelling image and share the link to your blog article on your Facebook page. Lead people to sign up for your email list.

Article writing or web content writing deliverables and pricing:

15 articles or 7,000 words … $300
5 articles or 3,000 words …$150
Single article or 600 words… $50

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