Storytelling as Marketing

How Are You at Storytelling as Marketing?

I really want to know! Me, not so good! As far as content marketing, I would much rather be telling other people’s stories than my own. 

There’s just something weird about it to me. Maybe I am more introverted than my loud voice indicates 😊.

For those who want to take advantage of storytelling as a marketing tool and differentiate themselves from the competition, check out this Storytelling Workshop from Coach Glue that you can offer to your clients and followers.

The content includes private label rights. So you get to learn from it, and then you get to pass on what you learned and create profit in doing so. Pretty awesome!

Storytelling in Your Marketing. Be Careful!

There are sometimes problems when marketers tell stories. Here they are. 

Going off on tangents.

It’s good to fill up a page with content, but it has to be really focused content. In the end you want to drive the action. Sign up, contact us, share, etc. 

That’s not going to happen if we’re rambling about this, that and the other thing. 

One of the most difficult things I’ve had to do as a copywriter is gently explain this to my clients and kind of just get them to ease back on the disclosure.

This brings me to over disclosure. 

You can definitely end up saying too much if you’re not careful. I told a story on YouTube recently that I’m not sure was a good idea. Someone could misinterpret.

You’re helping people but is your story affecting what they think of you? Pause before you publish, get an editor, and ask for a second opinion.

Storytelling Workshop Offer Ends Tomorrow!

The Storytelling Workshop from Coach Glue was originally $297. They are offering it for 47 until tomorrow. That is completely insane! 

But why not grab it and use it to help yourself and your clients go next level with their content marketing? 

Ends Thursday so go check it out!