Smokin’ Sales Page Copywriting Special

** $100 for 1 Draft – Limited Time Only **

Need to hit hard with your product copy? Got a product launch coming, and you want to shout it out to the world? Rest easy, I’ve got you covered…. and you’re right on time for my limited time only, $100 sales page special.

The $100 Sales Letter Copywriting Special won’t last, so hurry up and contact me if you want in!

Includes ONE Draft. (you MUST provide all details up front). PM me and I’ll shoot you over a questionnaire to fill out.

SPEEDY turnaround, hard-hitting sales copy that’s like a shot of adrenalin for your business.

Please NOTE: I write like the wind, and produce sales copy that reads like someone just plugged you into an electric socket – but ONLY if YOU provide ALL details up front. I can’t write on your behalf unless you send me what I need. That’s why I MUST get your complete answers back to the questions I provide for you. 

Here’s How to Get Me Excited to Write for YOU.

The more pumped you are about your product, and the more you stand behind what you sell, the more excited I’ll become about writing on your behalf. I promise you, no matter what it is… I’ll be enthused for you! I really will.

Show me how your product SOLVES the customer’s problem. Give me the DELIVERABLE. What’s included? Point out the VALUE. Tell me the details, features and benefits. Give me strategic pricing.

Do you know what else really helps? If you share with me an example of another online product sales page (could be yours, could be something a colleague created) that captures the feeling and flavor of what we want to express here. 

I’ll catch your enthusiasm like a bad case of… well, nevermind. But just know, I need those little, special details if you want me to make this copy SING. If it’s a video of you talking about it? GREAT. That will work. 

Expires August 31, 2020. Contact me via email and I’ll send you that project questionnaire right away.