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Resume Writing or Editing Service

Let’s freshen up your resume and tell the world about you and what makes you worthy. Your resume should be tailored to the audience. So if you’re going for jobs in 3 different industries… you need three versions of your resume! No kidding.

Your resume should match you up with your perfect workplace environment and the type of team you’d fit best with. In your resume, be honest. You don’t need spin and hype, but you do want to play up your best assets. If someone needs an organizer and that’s not you, don’t pretend it is. Let people know that special thing that you’ve got going on.

If you need my help editing or writing your resume, please email the following:

1. A brief description of your career objective

2. A pdf file of your current resume

3. If you do not have a current resume which reflects your career history, then please provide a list of jobs you’ve held. Include the company name and state where the company was located, job title and responsibilities that you undertook.

4. A list of ways you may have benefited each company. For example, if you worked in HR and devised a program to consolidate the employee benefits package, saving the company X number of dollars, please state that.

5. A list of your five greatest career strengths (for example: if you consider yourself an exceptional team player, explain why)

6. Any computer experience or other experience that may be pertinent to the field you’re currently looking in

7. Any letters of recommendation or testimonials you may have received by supervisors or peers at your workplace. You can include endorsements you may have obtained on LinkedIn, or Google/Facebook reviews you’ve received as a business owner, provided they are relevant to the job you’re looking to obtain.