Real Estate Marketing Services in NJ

Are you a busy realtor, real estate agent or broker in need of a marketing coach or virtual assistant? I’m Dina and I can help.

Having an insider perspective on the local housing market means that other people look to you for expert guidance, connections and support. You’re helping people create a better life for themselves. That’s huge!

I would absolutely love to help you stay up to speed with those marketing tasks that always seem to fall behind. 

I’ve been writing marketing copy since 1996. I’ve worked on websites and run email lists since 2004. Some of my favorite clients have been real estate professionals just like you.

Whether it’s your email newsletter, local real estate blog, or latest property listings, all it takes is a quick email and for you to fill out a questionnaire. With my help, you can quickly be on your way to connecting with future clients.

Real Estate Bio Writing and Social Profile Creation

One of my most popular requests from real estate professionals is to help them create an online bio.

Your real estate bio tells the story of how you came to be a part of this fascinating, fast paced and dynamic industry. Also… your bio should be tuned to the audience. Your bio that reaches real estate investors will read differently than a bio directed toward first-time home buyers.

Real estate professionals serve as the gatekeepers of the area where they live and work, and to me that is a most honorable role. I honestly think this is an awesome profession to be connected to.

Create Real Estate Sales Templates to Use With Clients

In this fast-paced social environment, it can be difficult to keep up with client emails. One area I specialize in is creating communication templates to use again and again in your real estate business. Having access to this type of written material will save you thousands of hours each year. 

Most of your clients will have the same questions. With these templates on your side, you’ll be able to quickly address their concerns and ease their fears at various phases of the home buying or selling process. Just pop open a document, and do a quick and paste into the email. Hit send, and you’re off and running.

Develop Real Estate Marketing Collateral

Again, this is an industry where newbies will have lots of questions. Making a connection with your clients is definitely ideal, but this takes up a lot of your time. A special handout or PDF download for new prospects to read will differentiate you from the rest. This material can serve several purposes, such as:

Catching your clients up on what they need to know.

Again, as a real estate agent you will be repeating a lot of the same information each time a new client walks through your door. Save yourself thousands of hours each year by having all of the information in a ready to go presentation for them to learn from.

Growing your online reach. 

Attract new readers to your list by offering this PDF download as an opt-in gift from your website. New traffic gets added to your mailing list, where you can hit multiple points of contact to help them get to know you.

Use it for in-person networking. 

Print off copies to hand out when you attend networking events or at your open house sittings.

Whether it’s creating materials for first-time home buyers and sellers to learn from or updating your social media profiles, I can absolutely help you make a name for yourself in your local area.

Contact Dina to get started on your next real estate marketing project today.