organic seo

Organic SEO Means Targeting With Articles That You Publish on Your Website

When you hear the term “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization), you probably imagine some sort of highly technical process. You think of a complex algorithm that requires complex math calculations… right?

Actually, SEO can be achieved on NO budget. You do NOT need to pay an SEO expert hundreds per month to put your website on the map for certain search terms.

What you DO need to do is simply start talking like the expert you are- everywhere online that you possibly can. That begins with articles you post on your blog or website (same thing). Your articles should cover specific topics that apply to your area of expertise.

Mostly, you’ll craft these articles out of questions that your typical web searcher might have. Hundreds upon hundreds of web articles can be fashioned in this manner – by thinking up a typical question of your perfect customer or curious reader, and answering them.

So here’s how to go about targeting with articles for your business website:

Step 1. Establish the “theme” of this month’s article publishing effort.

Base your article topics on whatever you plan to cover in the upcoming issue of your email newsletter. Typically, it’s a good idea to relate this back to whatever product or service you plan to promote, but you’re not restricted to any one plan of course.

Step 2. Approve your list of article topics.

Submit specific ideas on what you’d like us to write about this month, or send us an existing article of yours that we can “break down” into sub-topics. If you need extra support in this area, we’re happy to brainstorm a list of article titles that match your marketing agenda.

Step 3. Develop rough outlines of your articles.

Many of my copywriting clients take an active role in their article development. Not only do we enjoy co-creating, but their involvement helps me to produce faster and keep their costs down. If you like, as my copywriting client you can submit a rough outline of the key points you want to iterate in each article. If not, I’m okay with doing this on your behalf.

Step 4. Create your articles.

Here comes the fun part – stepping back and letting me, your copywriter, write and/or edit your articles for you, in your own unique “voice.” Later, you’ll have the opportunity to make one round of edits at the additional hourly rate of $70 per hour. Or, save yourself some bank, and edit on your own.

Step 5. Publish your article content in various online places.

At one time, article submission sites were all the rage. Now, most people hang out on social media and pass links around there. So your best bet is to start by publishing your article on your OWN website, then linking to it from all of your social profiles – such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest (make sure you also post a great graphic), Instagram and any others. Don’t forget the most important part of this – YOUR SUBSCRIBER FORM. Your readers should see this pop up when they click through to your website. That’s how you convert readers to signups (and later, via your newsletter, to customers).

Step 6. Check and double check.

Make sure that the article content you post shows up correctly in whatever platform you’re sharing on. Sometimes little glitchy things happen. Images refuse to load (you REALLY need to post an image with each article to attract eyeballs to the content and get clicks).

Do something great for your business – market with articles each and every month. Contact Dina for help with this – we’ll make a list of titles and tackle it together.