Marketing for General Contractors and Construction

Hello. I’m Dina and I’ve written for awesome companies like yours since 1996. Are you in search of someone who can help you create marketing materials for your general contracting or construction company?

I know your story all too well. You know you need to create a message, but you’re caught up with client jobs and the daily grind.

Rest easy! Together, we’ll check off your marketing projects to compound your influence both online and in print.

Do you have a company website?

These days, a blog format such as WordPress, Wix, or Weebly gives you ultimate control of your content without needing to know much at all about the tech side of things.

Once your blog is up, you can add posts any time simply by logging in with your admin password. It only takes maybe 3 hours tops to write fresh content, get a new post or page up, add images and paste in the article text.

Your company website should contain the following basic pages:

Home (sales message), About Us, Services/Products, Sign Up, Testimonials, and Contact Us.

If you really want to dominate your local area, then also add an FAQ where you post an industry-specific set of questions and answers that work to get more eyes on your site via search engines.

You’ll need 3 things to start your website:

  1. a domain name – check with
  2. web hosting – I recommend
  3. a blog install (this is accomplished inside your web hosting control panel)

Are you collecting email addresses?

Email marketing is a proven way to increase sales. In a competitive industry like this one, it’s important to keep your head in the marketing game. When was the last time you corresponded with your business contacts? Maybe never?

A Company Newsletter could be a great thing to establish your company as an industry leader and keep you on the minds of your future customers and colleagues.

Take steps to get your newsletter up and running. Plan your topic themes for the month, season or quarter.

Sign up for yearly email marketing service such as from Start getting new subscribers on your list!

Create your first email newsletter. Include a greeting, feature article, highlighted promotion or sale, and call to action.

Sure, you can work on your marketing by yourself. But why would you when I’m here?

Contact us for your project quote today.