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How to Write Your Real Estate Bio When You Don’t Have a Lot of Experience

Real estate professionals have approached me more than a few times, wondering what to include in their real estate bio when they don’t have a lot of experience.

The first thing to remember is that an impressive list of credentials doesn’t always matter to your clients. While sharing expertise is key, you also should soothe people’s worries and assure them that you’ll provide individual attention and care.

Recognize, first, that people really want to skip right ahead to their own issues. If it’s about buying (or selling) their first home, then you can bet they have immediate, pressing concerns in mind. In your website bio, ease their fears and worries immediately by listing ways you can help solve their problems.

To do this, stop and think about your strengths as a professional as well as your knowledge of the real estate market. Again, you really don’t need a long list of achievements to be good at what you do. You just need to assure people they’re making the right move by contacting you.

So, approach your realtor bio as you would a resume. List your personal and professional strengths as they pertain to your career in real estate.

Some examples of your professional qualities that can move your real estate clients closer to their goals:

Attentive to detail. Real estate transactions are very personal to many people. If you’re great at remembering the little things (think client’s dream home!), then say so in your marketing.

Great communication skills. Of course, you’ll be interacting with various people such as financial and legal professionals, insurance agents, title companies and home inspectors. Let future clients feel confident in your ability to communicate clearly and with professionalism.

Comfortable with technology. Nowadays, most people are searching the web and using computers to learn more about neighborhoods, keep track of the fluctuating market, and locate homes that meet their exact requirements. If you’re great with computers or have access to exceptional technology tools, say so.

An inside understanding of the market. Real estate prospects are more likely to choose you over the competition if you’re familiar with the area they have in mind for their next home or business. Let them know you live and work nearby, and can provide detailed answers to their many questions.

Goal-oriented. People will trust you more readily if they know you’re keeping their interests foremost in mind. The best place to build their confidence in your ability to tackle goals and keep things moving forward is right in your real estate bio.

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