How to Start Working with a Copywriter Immediately

Eager to move through stuck project mode? Here’s how to start working with a copywriter so you can check more off your list and take another step closer to being the big boss of your industry.

Because come on, you ARE the boss, right? But does the world know about it? Your copywriter will work tirelessly to make sure they know.

First, what the heck does a copywriter do?

You may have wondered what function this type of service provider can offer you in your business.

Or you may already be well familiar with the term, thinking fondly of my all-time favorite famous copywriter, Peggy from Mad Men.

Your copywriter functions an idea percolator and master or mistress of persuasion.

Seriously, that’s what you need to give your readers and listeners a good wake-up love-smack in the face. The old “we are company X and are experts at na, na, na” just doesn’t fly in today’s world.

Your copywriter will also serve as your marketing project task master.

  • Need a fresh social media bio but no time to write? Done.
  • Hoping for an expert to hammer out content for a five-page website overnight? Copywriter to the rescue.
  • Want to breathe new life into the company brochure in time for the holiday season? Check and double check.
  • Need a sales page to shout out your latest product or coaching package? I’m on it.
  • No time to proofread that booklet? Hand me the draft!

Are copywriters back in style? Let’s freaking hope so because that’s my jam!

The dead truth about copywriting is that demand took a nosedive for a few years there. But video advertising is back in full swing in the modern internet age. That means people need wordsmithery.

If you want to go big with your biz… tantalizing tag lines, saucy slogans and juicy jingles that jog brand recall should be the name of your copywriting game.

Copywriters bring that to life for you.

So if you’ve been suffering through your company marketing on your own, or with a small team but you’re missing the writing brain to spark creative plans for your business… it may be time to grab hold of the nearest copywriter.

Can I be real here? I think these days the only people who like to really dig deep into the art of copywriting seem to be other copywriters. Think about it, who reads marketing blogs? They’re boring to anyone who isn’t itching to get a piece of the industry!

Regular people kinda just glaze over when they see marketing anything. It’s only when they reach the point of dire urgency for that copywriting guru to fix their brand, that they finally hit up Google in search of decent talent and type the magic word: COPYWRITER.

Let’s face it. People who aren’t in marketing probably like to think about it as much as they like to think about accounting. They don’t… until they must face the grim reality that they can’t live without it!

Without your trusty copywriter slinging persuasion like hotcakes, you’re left floundering on your own, taking years to finish projects that in reality only take a day to turn around.

Or maybe you’re taking the economical route and relying on a virtual assistant who accepts $12 an hour to handle your most precious brand building creative tasks.

Sure you can do this, but will it separate you from the giant pile of other people and companies who do exactly what you do? Probably not.

So let’s get back to my meandering point of how to work with a copywriter.

Step one, send that email. Get your thoughts together and figure out one project that the copywriter can flush out for you. Just one. You don’t have to go deep with your brand at this point. You just have to recognize that stuff needs to get done NOW, and a borrowed brain might just be the quickest road to success.

Once you’ve hurdled that obstacle, check the project off your list and barrel on to your next marketing move. This is about momentum. Realize the power in the copywriter… that secret weapon that lures ready prospects into your world. With the copywriter on your side, you can level up and start thinking broad thoughts about big plans you want to make happen.

Again, it just starts with taking that first step. Log into your email. Think of a project you want to tackle. 

Briefly explain what you’d like to accomplish with your content marketing project.

Locate the email address of the nearest copywriter who looks like she might be able to muster up some compelling words that you can run with. Paste it into the send area.

Finesse your phrases. Hit send. Wait.

That’s it, next up your copywriter is going to fire off a series of questions for you to answer and that will be the start of your project coming to fruition. 

Put this into action. I work as a copywriter.

Contact me to get going on your first marketing project.