Hire Product Description Writers

The hardest part about running your own e-commerce site or being an affiliate of another big e-commerce site like Amazon.com is having to come up with all of those product descriptions on your own.

In corporate advertising, product description writing follows a specific formula. It’s very straightforward, even more so when you’re writing for the web as opposed to when you’re creating product copy for a print catalog.

Helpful tip for writing product descriptions: If the brand doesn’t have its own spot on the product copy template then you should input the brand in the actual product name, at least if it’s a sought after brand.

Other common elements of product description copy include the following:

  • A short, lead in sentence. Example, take the guesswork out of party planning with this done for you digital organizer.
  • Phrases that describe what’s included or the benefits. So next you might say, includes 60 printed pages. Large font for easy reading. Cheerful floral print. Available in print and web formats.

That’s about the right amount of content if you’re looking at a paragraph of product copy. However, sometimes you do get more space as is the case with Amazon descriptions. Here, you might want to provide a bulleted list of product benefits.

A common rule of bulleted copy is that each bullet should follow the same writing format. So if you lead with a verb phrase, then do that for each bullet.

Sometimes you’ll get a series of related products such as Halloween costumes. As you’re writing each product description, you want to make sure that all of the product descriptions match in terms of the formula used. 

So if you’ve bulleted out product specs like bullet one is available sizing, bullet two talks about construction, bullet 3 discusses available colors and so on, keep that consistency for each product.

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