Hire Newsletter Writers

Searching for a freelance writing professional to manage your email newsletter? Email marketing is essential if you’re hoping to bond with info-seekers who may one day become your customers. A newsletter is also a really effective way to remind existing customers you’re out there. Your latest offerings could definitely match their needs.

Email Newsletter FAQ:

What should you include in your email newsletter?

Your email newsletter should include a basic format: greeting and intro, main article, matching promotion, and any other features you’d like to include. Don’t forget upsells. These can be built into your newsletter template so you don’t have to write from scratch each month.

What topics should you share in your email newsletter?

Plan your email newsletter around the seasons. You may not think that what you sell is seasonally themed. But even if your product or services don’t change, your presentation certainly can.

Let’s say you run a finance website. This topic is dry, but it’s not so difficult to tie in with the holidays. Example: in November, send a series of tips for your finance readers on how to cut spending at holiday time. Offer saving shortcuts to help them play Santa to their bank account, with a sack of cash invested in stocks, bonds and annuities.

Once you figure out that any subject can be finessed for the season or holiday, list the months of the year. Next to each month or season, jot down some good article topics to flesh out. Then, match each seasonal topic with one of your product offerings or services to highlight.

Now that you have the plans before you, you can set to work hiring a professional writer. He or she will create related content for each newsletter that you plan to send for that month. 

What should you look for in a newsletter writer for your business?

  • Your newsletter writer should be experienced with business communication. Their writing should balance formal with friendly, with a tone that matches your brand. So if you run a trampoline park and you’re looking to outsource newsletter writing, choose a freelancer who can ease into a playful yet professional writing voice to use in your email or print newsletter.
  • Your newsletter writer should have mastered the basics of writing a web or print article. In most cases, your writer will be handling an email newsletter for you, but it’s possible that you’re a company who gets the word out via a print newsletter sent by mail or available at your store or facility. Either way, you want a writer who knows how to craft newsletter articles that offer tips, share news, and aren’t too promotional (a little bit of self promotion is good for your business).
  • Your newsletter writer should have some HTML editing skills. If you have a VA or virtual assistant managing the set-up and send of your email newsletter, then that works, too. But if your newsletter writer handles all of the aspects of managing your company correspondence, that’s even better. Look for someone who can log into your newsletter manager like Aweber or Mailchimp, knows how to make a template or use one of the templates they supply, can easily add images and links, and won’t leave out important details.

Ready to outsource newsletter writing and get back more of your time to focus on serving customers? Contact us for a quote today.