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Get Going, Sell a Course Online. Motivation and Direction for You!

Hi friends! Thinking you’d like to sell a course online, but you’re just not able to motivate? I was talking with a friend last night who’s learning the blogging ropes. She’s contemplating whether or not to sell an online course. Her worry is that whatever she wanted to offer has already been done.

This is a common concern for people who feel like it’s a lot of work to put in all of the details needed to create a great course or ebook online. It’s just a limiting mindset that you should ditch.

If you’ve got a course tumbling about your brain, make it happen! The teaching materials that you create will bring you residual income for years to come.

Why would you NOT want at LEAST a couple thousand dollars in your pocket EVERY year for as long as you keep the course up for purchase, and that the content of the course stays relevant?

Creating a course from scratch will never be a waste of your time.

Worse case scenario, you don’t launch it. But you’ll still have all the content with, to do just about anything with! Sell it to someone else. Post it on your blog. Save it and write a book one day! Launch that course next year.

Whatever you do, JUST START. Just do it.

Here’s the thing. If you think about how many times the same old things are sold and resold to people all over the world it’s really a wonder why anyone bothers. But they do!

People sell the most ordinary things to eager customers who snatch them up with glee. Why? Why would this work for you?

It’s because the customers end up liking something special about YOU. There’s a need for what you offer (even though the customer might be able to find that thing ANYWHERE else). It’s also because the customers perceive that they’re getting a GREAT deal on something they need.

And… plain and simple. The customers just LIKE you. They like how you do what you do.

I talked recently in a video, and I hate making videos by the way, about McDonald’s and Burger King. You probably live somewhere near a highway where both of these fast food establishments are located relatively close to each other. Seems crazy right? Why would these two restaurants position themselves in such close proximity to the competition?

And yet you probably order burgers from both of them! I know I do. Maybe one from Mickey D.’s this Tuesday and maybe one from Burger King next week on a Friday. It just depends on your mood. You order from both! We all do. Right?

If McDonald’s and Burger King took a defeatist attitude about selling ordinary things when it’s all been done before, they wouldn’t be the multi billion-dollar food industry giants that they are today.

So if you were thinking, “Maybe I’ll create a course and make some money off it” but then changed your mind? Go back to plan A. This is the best time to sell a course. When fall hits, the whole Coronavirus thing is going to blow up all over again. People will be home, bored out of their skulls. What kinds of at-home learning can they embark on? Oh… I can think of so many ideas!

They’ll want to know about..

  • How to make money via website
  • How to generate affiliate income
  • How to bake cakes, pies and bread
  • How to refinish furniture
  • How to become an Amazon seller
  • How to knit or crochet
  • How to home-brew beer
  • How to homeschool their kids
  • How to sell their homes
  • How to flip a car
  • How to ease stress
  • How to teach kids how to ride a bike
  • How to get along with their parents
  • How to build things out of wood
  • How to do DYI crafts
  • How to breed (dogs, bunnies whatever)

The list just goes on and on!

My blogger friend was talking about how she enjoys making crochet patterns. There you go. That’s her next ebook or course! She can start by making a freebie to get people on her list. The freebie could be a simple tutorial on how to do basic crochet crochet stitches. She can get that into a PDF format and set it up so that people automatically receive the file when they sign up for her email. Meanwhile, she’s put the giveaway up on her website and then she starts writing in designing the patterns for the course.

You can do this for your own business too.

Have I sparked any ideas for you? Create the course or ebook as you’re growing your list. Keep your readers updated with what’s happening. You can get them excited bit by bit, over time. Maybe your course is about gardening. You can tell them that you’re working on some details for how to overwinter cold weather loving plants like kale, or how to start seeds in February.

All you have to do is check in with your list, the same way that you check in on social media and let people know what’s going on. Interest and anticipation grows as your course material grows.

It’s super easy to create the written portion of your course in Microsoft Word. If you want to get fancy, film a video to go along with it. Or forget the video. You’re totally in control of how much you include in your course and what you charge for it.

You can makeup assignments for your readers to do as part of your course. Put them in their own documents, so students can download, work on the material, and email their completed work back for you to comment on. Add some images to everything and brand the course material with your special fonts and logo

When you’re satisfied with the way your course or ebook reads and is presented, upload it to a platform like Teachable, Shopify or Wix.

I love Teachable because everything is integrated there. You log in as the course creator. Then you get your own store link that you share with your audience. If your readers are interested, they can sign up for your latest course via their own login area.

Once payment processes, they’ll be on the inside of your special learning area or school on Teachable. Now they have the very same course materials that you created accessible from their own member account.

It’s incredible. It’s so easy and yet what stops you? Focus, direction?

Give yourself the gift of profit before the end of 2020.

Make plans to write and design a course. If you’re stuck on the written content part, remember, that’s exactly what I create for customers to edit and turn into teaching materials!

Take a look at our full list of Life Coach Monthly packs that I’ve released since October 2019. There’s a ton of course material in there just waiting to be monetized by you!

Don’t think that it’s already been done. Somebody out there is going to look at you and say hey, I really like that person. He or she seems special and I want to learn and master what she knows.

If you decide to create a course, email me. I love to hear what my friends are up to in the online business world. Got a great affiliate program? Let me know!

Thanks for being on my list! Let’s all profit and help each other in Q4.

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR