Foolproof Method for Sharing Weekly Content with Your Paid Subscribers

You’ve got people paying to hear advice from you. What a great feeling! Your subscribers are growing, and they’re looking to you to guide them. But now, the pressure is on. Each week, you must come up with something fresh and original to wow them. You need engaging content that will keep them active as a paid member of your website.

Content creation for your paid members doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.

Here areĀ  few smart ways to think of your subscribers – the people who are paying to hear tips and advice from you.

  • They’re just as busy as you are. So when you present them with fresh content, you really want it to zone them right in.
  • Your short-term goal is to get your exclusive subscribers or paid members to stop what they’re doing for just a moment, sit up and listen to what you have to say… then sign up for more.
  • Your long-term goal is to hopefully convert them to customers.
  • Your subcribers love you (who wouldn’t?) but they also love their money. That’s why it won’t take much for them to drop off the VIP list. But it also won’t be that hard to get them back. You just have to know what advice they’re wishing for the most from you… and then trickle it to them, session by session.
  • Your subscribers have specific problems and questions. One we isolate those, we’ll have a much easier time coming up with content to teach people how to do what we know.
  • Your subscribers don’t have a lot of time to give you. Your content should be simple, something they can focus on for a few minutes, then go back to living their lives.
  • Repurposing content you’ve already created is a great way to keep your paid subscribers happy. Go a little deeper with what’s already there. Make it specific to the reader and you’ll really connect in a strong and positive way.

Create content quickly and easily for your paid subscribers or members by using the Q&A (or FAQ) Format.

Are you looking to tap a wellspring of ideas that you can pull from at a moment’s notice, and present to your subscribers? One way to ensure this happens is to ask people ahead of time what they want to know. How to go about the process?

After your next live, offer a breakout session where you spend 15 minutes discussing the biggest challenges your members face. Write down what they ask you or what they describe as their issues.

In your Facebook group, post a Q&A area where members can stop by a post and drop their biggest question(s) or problems they face as related to what you offer. Keep a Google doc to copy and paste the questions from one spot to the Google doc. Each week thatĀ  your scheduled live or your planned email send approaches, break out the list of questions. Choose one, and write about how to address the issue, in 5 to 7 clear and well-supported points.