Email Marketing for Landscapers and Lawn Care Professionals

Lawn care and landscaping professionals, send out a seasonal message. Grow your customer base and increase sales!

You may have heard that email marketing is a great way to boost sales. This is especially true if you run a seasonal business such as lawn care and landscaping.

The advantage of sending out a newsletter in a timely fashion is that each time you connect with customers gets you more calls and emails coming in.

The disadvantage is that you may not have time to organize this during your busy season. That’s where I come in as your marketing helper.

If you run a lawn care and or landscaping business then you will definitely want to give your customers a heads up and reminder to get on the schedule for the coming season.

It’s also helpful to share useful tips. This can include things like methods for cultivating and maintaining a lush, green lawn; landscape design tips; tree pruning recommendations, helpful pest control suggestions, patio design and outdoor decorating tips; and more.

Each time you send out a newsletter, you’ll very likely to have customers contacting you for services immediately. It’s just what happens, and here’s why:

  • Customers start to feel more like they know and trust you when you share useful information with them.
  • Your message delivers a sense of urgency- example, get on our summer cutting schedule ASAP.
  • Overall, you’ll give the impression that you truly care about the work you do for your lawn care and landscaping customers.

If you have not yet determined what services you offer, this is a good time to figure that out. Typical services offered by lawn care and landscape maintenance companies include:

  • Lawn cutting
  • Spring cleanups
  • Fall cleanups

Landscape maintenance including hedge trimming, planting, weeding and the addition of mulch or gravel.

Here are some good topics to cover in your email newsletter:

  • Special sales that you may be running
  • Reminders to sign up for seasonal services
  • Upsells to fertilization and snow removal packages if applicable
  • Before and after pictures
  • Thank you letters sent in by customers
  • Offers for complimentary products

Need help managing your lawn care or landscaping email newsletter?

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