Copywriter for Pet Brands

Are you in need of copywriting services for your pet brand clients?

The voice of your pet brand should effectively blend authority in the petcare niche with a friendly, playful tone.

A good copywriter will instinctively know when to shift between those two in your content creation projects, and when to mix the two.

Here are some pet brand copywriting creative projects I’ll handle for the right client:

  • Brand development – honing in on your flagship product if there is one; coaxing out the caveats that drive your business; infusing your deepest values into your brand mission statement
  • Blog article creation to build credibility and authority in your brand, as well as work the SEO angle by including key phrases that drive traffic
  • Email campaign copywriting –  effectively creating email blasts and email newsletters that capture interest, generate clicks, opens and engagement.
  • Social media posts – short blurbs and photo captions that bring positive attention to your pet brand
  • Landing pages to grow your list – a blend of personal and promotional, tucking all of the trigger phrases into the right spots
  • Website copy that captures a fun and playful, pet-friendly personality while effectively explaining your company offerings and prompting the reader to take action (sign up, click, make a purchase)

Pet Brand Copywriters – How We Work

  • If you provide an outline, we’ll work on making it into a cohesive written presentation (i.e. article, press release, landing page, ebook).
  • If you prefer to send a draft that’s already written for editing, we offer this service as well.
  • Flat-fee projects deliver one draft of the copy plus one client review and edit

Expectations from the Copywriter:

  • Clients must be willing to communicate via email and exchange drafts of MS Word or Google docs
  • Clients, please provide as much information up front (type of project, number of words or document pages; description of your target audience; product or service description with features and benefits; creative brief; anticipated due date for the copy draft)

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