Contract Copywriter Available for Ad Agency Support

Seasoned copywriter seeks dynamic marketing agency to partner with on a freelance basis. I’m currently available for copywriting, creative brainstorms, and copy editing projects.

I bring more than 28 years of copywriting experience Р7 years full-time corporate, 2 years at agencies and 11 years freelancing for both small business and marketing agency  clients.

Copywriter, Strengths:

  • Strong writing skills; easily adaptable writing voice
  • Collaborates readily with design staff for concept work and production jobs
  • Strongly persuasive when this is called for – direct response copywriter
  • Versatile copywriting style – can switch from promotional to informative to newsy, etc.
  • Fast turnaround on web article content
  • SEO aware (I don’t go heavy on keyword combos – prefer to add the keywords to the page and post titles; and H1, H2, H3 headings)
  • Exceptional quality writing – lots of good details; fact-checked, sourced from reputable authority sites

I hold 11 years of direct online business experience writing websites and direct sales copy; crafting blog articles; writing marketing emails and newsletters; and creating digital products such as ebooks, both for clients and for my own online marketing projects.

Copywriting Services Offered:

  • SEO copywriting. Craft engaging, web-friendly, keyword-optimized copy to publish in blogs and as articles, websites and social media content
  • Brand development. Flesh out the details of the client brand based our conversations and with a deep study of the target market
  • Editing and proofreading. Display consistency in the writing voice; maintain energy with word choice, and ensure grammatical correctness
  • Web publishing¬† – I work directly in WordPress and similar platforms; Aweber; Mail Chimp; Google Docs; Canva and yes, even Adobe Dreamweaver

Ad Agency Copywriter, Strong Points:

  • Team oriented; collaborates readily with others
  • Attention to detail
  • Experience with online business; vast knowledge of website marketing and digital product creation
  • Self-starter, highly motivated
  • Good balance of creative and logical thinking
  • Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Quick turnaround; deadline-conscious
  • Fast, accurate editor; responsive to client needs and special requests

Ready for an agency copywriting quote?

Please reach out via email to with the subject line AGENCY COPYWRITER NEEDED. Thanks!