Best Methods for Posting Content to Your Website or Blog Consistently

Need some tricks for posting content to your website on a regular basis? Content marketing can be hard to keep up with until you make it a habit. Try these methods and see which one helps you become consistent.

Write one new blog post daily. 

Set a time of day when you’ll have an hour to spare typing some advice for your audience and uploading images to use in the post. Try not to overthink this. If this is your niche, you likely have plenty of knowledge to share. So just flow with what you know, and blog daily.

Create blog posts in bulk, then set them to advance post in the future.

Some days, you might have a lot of time to hammer out some content. Go with it. WordPress and other blogging platforms give the option to advance-date your posts, which is great if you have time to write now, but won’t later.

Batch-post to your blog on a single topic.

If you’re planning on running a themed teaching or coaching month with your blog or website, batch-post different articles on the same topic.

Start with an outline. It’s just like if you were writing a book, ebook, or school report.

Side note: private label rights content comes in handy for this purpose because you can order a set of articles that all cover one topic in detail.

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Content Marketing Mindset for Success

Lots of people get lost and overwhelmed with content marketing. Below, find a good mindset to stay in if you’d love to start creating passive income with a website, for real.

Don’t worry about perfection.

Blogging and content publishing online goes much faster than print marketing if that’s what you’re used to.

There will be errors; every blogger makes them due to the speed that’s required to get noticed on the competitive, world wide web. Don’t sweat them too much; just go back and fix when you can.

Revisit the post when you have time.

Remember, you can revisit your blog post again and tweak it up. Go back later to proofread, add more images to your post, insert that call to action and so forth. It helps if you can get comfy working from your phone.

Try to think in niches.

The more niche-specific your blog is, the more effective you’ll be at converting visitors to subscribers to buyers.

A life coach who calls herself an empowerment coach will have a stronger pull and convert more clients than the generic life coach who shys away from niching down for fear of losing signups.

More Blog Content Creation Tips to Get You Over the Hump of Not Posting Regularly

  • Don’t stress too much about the writing. Creating blog post content is like crafting an email to a friend or colleague who has asked for your professional advice.
  • The login is what’s blocking you. Know your user names and passwords.
  • List-building and selling from email are the goals that drive your daily content publishing effort.
  • Use the step-by-step content marketing formula below to make a daily habit of adding content to your blog.

Step by Step Content Marketing Formula to Follow if You Blog, or Want to Start

You need a content marketing formula if you hope to see results from blogging. It’s actually pretty simple, but most of us lose sight of the steps.

  1. Write or purchase a prewritten article. Copy the text.
  2. Paste the article text into a blog post.
  3. Add SEO keywords to the post title, H1, H2, H3 headings, and post tags.
  4. Categorize the post so people can find it later. Examples: Healthy Recipes. Dog Training. Email Marketing.
  5. Add a call to action and link to a landing page with sign-up form or sales page at the end of the post.
  6. Add a Feature Image and a few additional images to the body of the post.
  7. Monetize the post with Adsense code, affiliate links to related products, or links to digital products from you or your affiliate partners.
  8. Share the post to all of your social media hangouts where you brand your business.

If you don’t have time for this, and would prefer to outsource this to a VA or a copywriter, email for a blog writing and/or posting quote today.

Best Tips if You Use Done-for-You Content to Publish Blog Posts

YES it’s okay to use private label rights articles as content for your blog. The smartest advice I can give you is as follows:

  • Change what’s already been written just a bit.
  • One article can be purposed for many different niches, simply by tucking the right words into the right spots.
  • Find new SEO keywords to focus on that will help you drive traffic based on the needs of your ideal customer.
  • Rewrite the title  and headings to reflect those keywords, and add a new slant or hook.
  • Add a new first paragraph, or edit what’s there.
  • Change up the points.
  • Delete whatever tips don’t seem to fit your brand or how you work.
  • Add some new ideas if you feel inspired.
  • Insert your own call to action, company bio and link to your product or services page.

PLR content is really cheap, and I do have some sources for you that promise exceptional quality writing.

Try not to be tempted by those bundle packages that go for $7. A lot of them are pure junk.

If done-for-you content is something you think could be of use, sign up for my membership at Wordfeeder.

Can You Reuse Content That You Publish in Your Blog or Website, and Turn it into a Digital Product to Sell?

Heck yes, you can definitely pick up content that you’ve already posted in your website, to create a digital product like an ebook or course, and sell it.

People do this all the time. You just never noticed because you probably haven’t fine-tooth combed their blog or website. Most people don’t, due to lack of time, which is why the ebook purchase actually appeals to them.

If you’re worried that someone who buys your ebook or course won’t be happy if they see the same or similar content posted in your blog, then work on being transparent as you publish.

Each time you write and post fresh blog content, tell your readers that you’re planning on taking what you’ve shared and turning it into a comprehensive course.

Want an exact line to use, that more or less disclaims the use of your existing blog posts as a paid product?

Add a blurb like this to the end of your articles that you share in your blog:

Want More? Take This Info to Go!

This article is a sample of what’s to come with our new online course on [whatever]. To learn more and hear when the course is ready for purchase, sign up here (and share the link to your landing page).

Your Blog or Website is Really Meant for Lead Capture, and Don’t Forget It.

List-building should be your ultimate goal for creating fresh website content. Sign up for a permission-based email list management service like Aweber or Mail Chimp, if you haven’t already.

Grow Your List! Get a Permission-Based, Email List Manager like Aweber.

These services are relatively affordable and give you so many more opportunities to create passive income with content.

How to use email marketing to create passive income and grow your business online:

  • Email out free tips to help readers get to know you who might eventually seek out your paid services.
  • Open up additional income streams by selling digital products (ebooks, email challenges, courses) that teach people to do what you do, or solve problems in their lives.
  • Set up multiple lists. This opens the door to passive income in the form of an automated email series that people pay for.
  • Automate emails so you can “set and forget” them.
  • Send out opt-in gifts that go out automatically after people sign up.
  • Send out a paid email series that teaches your reader something new after they sign up, over the course of a specific number of days, at time intervals set by you.

All the Content You Publish on Your Blog, Website, Social Media and in Emails has the Potential to Be Repurposed Again and Again to Create Income in Your Business

If you’re interested in seeing the potential for your existing content to become paid products? Here’s what you can create if you know how to repurpose your existing content:

  • Ebooks, workbooks, e-guides, journaling courses
  • Email challenges
  • Lead magnets
  • Coaching or teaching courses
  • New niche blogs spun a different way
  • Social media group posts
  • In-person hand-outs
  • Client teaching materials
  • Paid and free video tutorials and podcasts
  • So much more!

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