AI Content Editing, Chat GPT Content Editing Services

Do you need a pair of human eyes to finesse your AI-generated content? Chat GPT can be a great idea generator to help you get the content creation ball rolling. But you’ll also find some weaknesses in Chat GPT and AI-generated content.

What’s wrong with Chat GPT and AI-generated content?

  • Ideas may be repeated, as this content is culled from the web and regurgitated into a slightly new form.
  • Transitions from one idea to the next can be lacking with AI content.
  • AI content is more generic. You’ll probably want to inject the voice of your business into AI content.
  • AI content can lack depth.
  • AI content can repeat ideas.

How Can Our AI Content Editors Improve Your Chat GPT Articles, Ebooks and Blog Content?

This is about details. If you want to be remembered as an expert who offers exceptional information, then don’t stop at Chat GPT. Take your AI-generated content to the next level.

  • Add a perspective, examples, stories and details.
  • Insert expert quotes, stats and case studies into the article, if applicable.
  • Make your points strategically, with a bigger goal or purpose in mind for the article.

AI Content Editing Services: How It Works

Email us your AI-generated content and we’ll edit it according to your specs.

We can play with the “angle”.

For example, you’re selling a type of product and you need the content to support use of that particular product. (Example, you give us articles about painting your house, we edit them to add points about painting using non-toxic, environmentally friendly paint).

We can tailor the content to your business and niche.

Example, maybe you give us AI-generated wellness tips and you work as a health coach. So you want us to add a few lines to each paragraph about how health coaching can help people achieve the listed wellness goals, and in what ways.

Email and explain your AI editing project in detail.

Include information such as:

  • Your full contact information
  • Your business name and website
  • Goal of the content (are we looking to collect subscribers, sell ebooks, quote client projects, or other?)
  • Niche we’ll be targeting
  • Main topic of the articles
  • Number of articles that need editing
  • Sample of the content that needs touching up
  • How many drafts are needed (we can do one draft to save you money, or one draft plus a review and edit).
  • Turnaround time for completion

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