Copywriting Clients Who Redo What You Write

How to Work with Copywriting Clients Who Always Rewrite What You Wrote

Clients rewrite the copy drafts you work so hard on, and you’re frustrated. This is a common problem of copywriters who are new to freelance. Let’s explore, with a mind to work through the issues.

Consider the client’s point of view.

You might feel sensitive to criticism, but there could be reasons you’re not currently seeing as to why the words could be better said another way. Maybe step back from the project for a bit, then pick it up again when you’re feeling less protective of your work.

Also… if the client finds a way to express the thoughts that seems to work better for them, and they’re happy (and you’re not working on commissions)… you might just be better off nodding and letting them do their thing. As long as you’re being paid for your time, it’s worth paddling along for their creative ebb and flow.

Be honest with yourself about how the project is going to go.

It’s the old trying to fit a square peg in a round hole analogy; once a client shows a pattern of needing to redo the words you penned for them, it’s very likely that this will happen again, and again, and again. So the faster you come to terms with this fact of how they work with you, the quicker you can move on to resolving the issue.

Adjust your manner of working with this particular client.

People definitely reveal a preference for how they like to approach a project. If you pay attention, you can definitely ascertain how their mind works as it relates to the details of their project unfolding, and the back-and-forth dynamic you two share as collaborative partners.

If the client proves to be an initiator and big thinker, then to forge a successful partnership with them, you must manage the fine details.

Conversely, if the client shows their propensity for needing to analyze, critique and edit, then you must shift into the role of project initiator and idea generator.

Give them something of a creative storm, if this is possible, and let them pick through and fine-tune the parts that speak to them and through them.

Depart from your emotional attachment to the content.

So you wrote something, and the words didn’t jive with the client’s personality, brand voice, and so forth.

So what?

There are a million and one ways to say the same thing. Remember that your role is to be the midwife of THEIR brandchild… this is not your baby.

Come to terms with your non-ownership of this work, and you will be able to view things from a more objective standpoint.

In doing this, you can let go of control when you need to. YOU ARE HERE TO SERVE. Create on your own time, with your own projects, if you feel so inclined.

Recognize that the ideas they rejected have endless potential to be purposed another way.

The funny thing about writing, words and ideas is that there’s infinite potential in every piece of content. An idea, a word, a phrase, a paragraph, can be morphed and spun this way, and that way, and it can branch off into endless rebirths of the original idea.

That’s why there’s no need as a copywriter to feel that the client rejected or killed off what you created. They’re going to take it in a new direction. It’s okay for them to do this, as long as you’re getting paid to help in some way.

Later, after you file away the rejected content inside your idea vault, you’ll get to dust it off on anther day.

When the time comes, you can bloom your seedling concept into something new, and entirely, unrecognizably different… to suit another purpose and match a different need.

Remember: there’s no use in crying over rewrites.

The client gets to rewrite the copy if they want, and that’s okay. Just remember that if they do, it’s in your best interest to observe the changes they make, so that you can emulate that in future projects you do for them.

Or… if you really aren’t feeling useful in your work for a particular client… you ALWALYS have the freedom to say thanks for the experience… and walk away.

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