February 29, 2024

Email Marketing Support for Health Coaches

Health coach newsletter management

More and more people are becoming health conscious these days. They want an accountability partner to keep them on track with healthy eating and fitness goals.

As someone with knowledge of healthy eating and a plethora of exercise tips to share, you can easily build a following by sharing what you know.

The problem, as you know, is time. A health coach should create and motivate. You need a hands-off way to keep in touch with your readers while you design recipes, come up with new workouts, compile tips and advice, and get those before and after pics up on social.

You and I can team up for the win. Here’s how things can go when we combine our strengths and talents!

Pass me some incredible content and I will push your name out there!

Devote your precious hours to doing what you love. Staying in shape, creating wonderful healthy recipes, and helping people convert to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

If you are willing to take pictures of the food that you create, and jot down some notes on your workouts and helpful tips, you and I will make a great team.

Set Up Seasonal Mailings that Go Out on Autopilot

Let’s put together a seasonal set of healthy recipes, weight loss motivation tips, exercise inspiration and a select group of products for you to promote as an affiliate.

With your signup form in place on your website, we’ll publish fresh blog posts each month that drive new visitors and get them on your list by way of an opt-in freebie.

We can also set up four or so emails that go out automatically each spring, summer, winter and fall. (That’s the important seasonal content I was talking about.)

Create Health Coaching Packages to Fit Your Clients’ Busy Lifestyle and Budget

In addition, once you’re ready to level up, I will help you design programs for readers to sign up for and participate in online.

With your email marketing system in place, each time you share fresh content with me, I’ll turn around and relay it to your audience along with news of your latest coaching program, ebook or online webinar.

We can also use the wonderful content that you send me to push out more ideas via your blog and social media accounts!

This will take commitment to content creation on both our parts. But if you love the idea of helping people lose weight, get fit, commit to their healthy eating goals and live more deliciously, then guess what? I’m a copywriter who shares your passions. You and I should definitely work together!

I would love to help you take your health and fitness coaching business to the next level. Let’s talk.

Contact us for a project estimate today.